Who We Are

Hann-Ocean was established in 2005. Having its headquarters located in Singapore, Hann-Ocean provides innovative solutions and supply cost-effective products for ocean renewable energy and floating modular platforms. Hann-Ocean Group comprises four companies, namely Hann-Ocean Technology Pte. Ltd., Hann-Ocean Platforms Pte. Ltd., Hann-Ocean Energy Pte. Ltd., and Hann-Ocean Energy Technology and Equipment (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

What We Do

Hann-Ocean Technology (HOT) specializes in the Research and Development, product designs and related consultancy services for marine, defense and renewable markets.
Hann-Ocean Platforms (HOP) offers wide range of floating platform solutions. Together with our unique connectors, tailors our solutions to customers’ special demands.
Hann-Ocean Energy (HOESG) develops advanced technologies and offers relevant products for marine renewable energy generation in the global market.
Hann-Ocean Energy (Nantong) (HOENT) being a subsidiary of HOE, conducts product development and performance testing for renewable energy converters, fabricates relevant products and offers after-sales service.


To set new technological standards for sustainable marine and ocean energy technologies.


To transcend turning innovative concepts into successful commercial products and solutions with quality and durability.

Our Key Members

Hann-Ocean is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise. The company is run by a team of dedicated engineers and business associates.
Henry Han Lei

Mr. Henry Han Lei is the Founder and Managing Director of the Hann-Ocean group. Mr. Han is also the inventor of the Drakoo wave technology patented internationally. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from South China University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Smart Product Design from Nan yang Technological University Singapore, 2005. Mr. Han possesses 8 years of naval architecture and ocean engineering design experience in marine design consultancy firms including MARIC; 11 years in defense project management at DSTA and 12 years of innovation development and business management experience at Hann-Ocean. More than 15 innovation prizes have been awarded to him including the Singapore Defence Technology Prize and Innovation Excellence Awards.

Under Mr. Han’s leadership, at the beginning of 2015, Hann-Ocean Energy successfully registered the business license for its subsidiary in Nantong, China to further expand production and business operations. In 2015, Hann-Ocean completed the construction and installation of large facilities including workshop set-up, two overhead cranes and one ocean wave tank. In 2016, Hann-Ocean designed, assembled and installed the 10kWp Drakoo prototype. By the end of November 2017, after continuous product optimizations, the Drakoo prototype had reached the maximum capacity of the electrical system’s limit of 10kWp. Since then, the Drakoo 10kWp wave energy converter has been ready for the global market of coastal areas and islands.

Robert A. Stone

Mr. Robert A. Stone is the Chief Financial Officer and is also one of Hann-Ocean's major shareholders. Robert is responsible for finance, accounting, investment and other financial matters. He has a wealth of experience in marine engineering project management, corporate finance and investment as he has worked in the offshore platform manufacturing industry for a great deal of his life. Robert is now a professional investor and is engaged in specialized business investments.

Lex L. de Rijk

Mr. Lex L. de Rijk is a Senior Research and Development Engineer in fluid mechanics at Hann-Ocean since 2013. He received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in The Netherlands, within the section of Engineering Thermodynamics for Energy Systems. At Hann-Ocean, Lex actively participates in the research & development of the Drakoo energy conversion technology through fluid dynamic simulations and hands-on small and full-scale device testing.

Sean Xua

Sean Xua, the Procurement Supervisor, graduated from Changzhou Engineering College of Technology, Mechanical and Electrical. He is in charge of the Company's procurement with many years' experience in Shipping and Marine Engineering Industry, participated in the procurement of Marine Engineering Ships and Marine Steel Structures.


Sarah Yu, the Sales Marketing Executive of Hann-Ocean Energy, with a Bachelor’s degree in Nanjing Science and Technology University. She takes charge of the marketing development, product promotion, commercial and customer’s relationship. She has many years’ experience in the projects of manufacturing and assembly equipment, modules and pipes etc.. for oil, gas and chemical plants all over the world, cooperated with many international famous companies such as Shell, Air Liquid, ABB, Siemens, Technip, Fluor etc.. At Hann-Ocean, Sarah participated in the product showcase at the 11th WFES in Abu Dhabi, endeavoring to promote the core technology of Hann-Ocean in the international market with a prospect that “Drakoo” can be the new star in renewable energy resources.

Ray Ling

Mr. Ray Ling is the Project Manager of the company. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Automation. Ray is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the product and equipment. He was engaged in the mechanical and electrical equipment management of shipbuilding industry for many years and possesses rich experiences in equipment management. He was also involved in the construction management of a large-scale roll-on/roll-off ship, chemical tanker, bulk carrier and other running equipment.

Our Social Responsibility

As an ocean renewable energy technology developer with various patented technologies and highly efficient products, Hann-Ocean is dedicated to its mission in providing green solution to the world, contributing efforts to sustain a fresher air, a cleaner world and a better life.
Thrugh our pursuit of cleaner energy, we endeavor to establish a model for the modern society.