Drakoo Wave
Energy Converter
Ocean Wave Tank
RigiFloat Modular
Pontoon System
Hexifloat Renewable
Energy Platform

A floating system integrating wind, solar,
wave and tidal energy generators

The multi-purpose floating platform offers a perfect common platform integrating wind, solar, wave and tidal renewable devices seamlessly within limited water space. Thanks to the proved RPC technology, the platform can start small and further extended to a large scale project in the shortest time. The modular concept allows remote production, onsite assembly and on-water installation for cost-effectiveness. The combination of multiple types of renewable devises offers much stable electricity production 24/7 and in various seasons.

Technical Specification

Main Parameters

  • Length (L) / Diameter: 27.0 m
  • Breath (B): 23.6 m
  • Depth (D): 1.7 m
  • Light Ship Displacement: 14.0 ton
  • Minimum Freeboard: 0.73 m
  • No of Solar Panel: 252
  • Position Keeping System: Mooring to shore or anchored to seabed
  • Coating Specification: Hot-Dip Galvanized > 125μm
  • Type of Pontoon Connectors: Model no. RPC-S50 (certified by ABS)
  • No. of Connectors: 6 pairs

Structure Configuration

  • 6 Corner Joints, 6 Buoyancy Pipes, 6 Connection Beams
  • 1 Central Platform and 18 Tensional Wires.

Maximum Power Outputs

  • Olar Energy Generation: 48 kWp
  • Wind Energy Generation: 18 kWp
  • Wave Energy Generation: 45 kWp
  • Tidal Energy Generation: 23 kWp