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Wave Tank Architecture

Hann-Ocean has hands-on experience in designing wave tank and flume for its own usage as well as for customers. The size is usually determined by the type of application. The application can be model-scale or true-scale wave energy device testing, break water structure testing, or continuous flow tests for hydraulic device characterization. Hann-Ocean can even customize wave flumes from acrylic-glass model scales in sizes as small as 0.4m water depth, up to true ocean-wave scale for customers. Actual results are highly dependent on factors like application type and dimensional limitations.

Hann-Ocean is in possession of the self-designed ‘Hann-Ocean 01’ concrete wave flume with the main dimensions of L42m x B10m x D6.0 m. More information on these unique wave flume designs can be found under the “Facilities” tab in our Services page.

Hann-Ocean can provide consulting services with regards to the wave tank architecture, wave flume layout, the final structural design, as well as the wave-hydraulic design. On the latter, a customized VOF method for free-surface simulation by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been and can be used to simulate its wave propagation and wave-hydraulic performance.

Wave Maker

Hann-Ocean has extensive experience in flap-type wave makers design and controlling programming. We possess a small-scale wavemaker with a single acrylic flap of 0.6m high and a stepper motor of 400W as well as a large steel wavemaker with four flaps of 5.2m high that can provide a peak capacity of 120kW with four servo motors. The design process of a wave maker involves both wave-hydraulic analysis and structural finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure performance and durability. An advanced controller unit has been programmed using C# code. From within, the paddle position and motor rotation time series are derived and forwarded to the motors to achieve the desired surface elevation, or wave height and wave period. A series of parameters in the controller program is manually adjustable.

Hann-Ocean is a professional firm when it comes to design and control of flap-type wave makers. We can provide these services to our customers based on their unique requirements.

Wave Absorbing Device

The Drakoo technology extracts wave energy. It has, therefore, two functions: 1. provide renewable energy, 2. reducing reflective wave and wave at the hind-side of the Drakoo. Using a simplified Drakoo structure which contains the key elements can function as a wave absorbing device within a wave flume. Drakoo can range from a simple partially dammed compartment to a full functioning system with PTO. The right applicable solution will depend upon the required grade of absorption.