Singapore Lianhe Zaobao Press Release on Hann-Ocean’s Drakoo Technology


As a pioneer in the ocean renewable energy field, Mr. Henry Han received an interview from Singapore Lianhe Zaobao to elaborate the Drakoo Wave Energy Convertor invention.

“My dream is to make groundbreaking achievements in renewable energy technology”, Mr. Han mentioned during the interview. His dream has started to become reality: He set up Hann-Ocean Energy Pte Ltd under the authority of Singapore Defense Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) nine years ago. After that, he was committed to the R&D and sales of the Drakoo product in 2008.

The latest technology product of Hann-Ocean Company is the Drakoo – a twin-chamber oscillating water column system. The idea of this invention comes from “fish grills” used in a wave experiment in 2008. After three months of development, Mr. Han came up to this product and initiated the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) process.

The ocean is rich of renewable energy, which includes tidal energy and wave energy. With the proper support of Singapore Technology Innovation Fund and several private investors the Drakoo has been maturely developed to extract wave energy. It can transform wave energy from a large range of wave heights and wave periods into electricity effectively. It can be installed in shallow waters and deep seas.

Drakoo technology has been successfully tested at Nanyang Technological University on an early model type of Drakoo, and it also successfully passed the test of National Renewable Energy Centre (NAREC, UK). Here it has proven that it can capture up to 80% of the wave energy.

Mr. Henry Han mentioned that the future plan of the company is to maintain the R&D headquarters in Singapore, and to have a manufacturing facility in China to reduce cost for even a better product quality.