Hann-Ocean and ZPMC Signed A Cooperation Agreement


March 12 2020, Hann-Ocean and ZPMC signed an exclusive market distribution agreement. ZPMC became a distributor of Hann-Ocean and exclusively distributed all Drakoo and RigiFloat products which are applied in projects of China Communications Constrction Co., Ltd. (CCCC) and related parties in the Territory of China and overseas.

ZPMC is a famous heavy-duty equipment manufacturer and is a multinational engineering and construction company primarily engaged in bridges, tunnels, railways (especially high-speed rail), subways, airports and marine ports. The major shareholder is CCCC which is one of top 500 companies in the world. CCCC and ZPMC have many large projects around the world, especially in coastal areas. Hann-Ocean's products are particularly suitable for these bridges, ports and other construction projects. ZPMC, as a company of CCCC is now the exclusive distributor of Hann-Ocean. It can set up a "bridge" between Hann-Ocean products and all related projects of CCCC for and quickly promote the application of Hann-Ocean's products to projects of CCCC and related parties.

As a scientific and technological innovation enterprise, Hann-Ocean has independently developed Drakoo series products and Rigidfloat modular system, which are advanced in technology and leading in the industry, and have been successfully applied to a number of commercial projects.

Hann-Ocean and ZPMC signed an exclusive market distribution agreement, which not only reflects ZPMC's recognition and trust in Hann-Ocean products, but also will lay a solid foundation for Hann-Ocean products to enter into large-scale commercial foundation projects, and will play an extremely important role in the market promotion of Hann-Ocean products.