Marine Renewables Asia Summit 2018 – sponsored by Hann-Ocean


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Marine Renewables Asia Summit (MRAS) 2018 will be held on the 27th and 28th of August in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hann-Ocean Energy, one of the sponsors of the event, will be sharing its advanced wave energy technology and innovative floating platforms with the Indonesian market.

In March 2015, the Indonesian government revised its target for the adoption of renewable energy up from 17% to 19% by 2019 with the aim of reaching 25% by 2025. Subsequently, in May 2015 the government announced its decision to invest approximately 950 billion yen (500 trillion rupiahs) in renewable energy over the next five years to reach its goal.

Indonesia shows tremendous promise for offshore renewable energy (ORE) and in particular, for Wave Energy Converters (WEC) on account of its geography. In addition to being the largest archipelagic state in the world, harboring several straits between its islands, Indonesia is also endowed with the second longest coastline. Capitalizing on these natural assets would at once work in favor of the ORE industry as well as the Indonesian people.

The aim of MRAS is to serve as a knowledge and experience sharing platform for ORE Projects in South East Asia. Industry experts from around the world have the opportunity to engage in discourse regarding the need for, challenges faced by and the progression of ORE projects across the value chain – from development to deployment, or as in Drakoo WEC’s case, even integration with their offshore assets.

Hann-Ocean looks forward to presenting the manifold benefits of its unique wave energy technology – Drakoo to experts in the local scene and leaders of the ORE industry from around the world.

Meet us at booth A003 to find out why Drakoo WEC is the best in class solution for Indonesian waters.