Hann-Ocean’s WEC pilot project – Drakoo-B0016 array launched into Tuas View Sea in Singapore


With the completion of the mooring structures at Tuas View Sea, the world’s first containerized modular Drakoo Type-B wave energy converter array (model Drakoo-B0016, 16kWp) was finally launched to the sea and is in operation.

Being the Hann-Ocean’s pilot commercial project for the Drakoo WEC, the Drakoo B0016’s energy generation data to be collected from the site is of great importance for not only the technological evaluation but also the economic analysis. As the WEC array comprises four Power-Take-Off (PTO) units, each with a different configuration, it enables Hann-Ocean to study and evaluate the contributions of these configurations towards the wave energy conversion. The field test data will be used to compare with our simulation results so as to calibrate our computer simulation codes. As result of these researches, the Drakoo WEC technology will be further optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.