Hann-Ocean Partnership with Sunseap in Floating PV Test-bedding Project, Singapore


9th February 2015, after more than one year of evaluation, SERIS announced the final eight winners with nine designs to participate in one of the World’s biggest multiple floating PV test-bedding projects. In this project, Hann-Ocean, being a modular floating platform developer, partnered with Sunseap to enter the competition. This project will commence in May 2015, Singapore.

SERIS was founded in 2008, and it is part of the National University of Singapore. It focuses on applied solar energy research. The floating PV test-bedding project requires the selected participates to engage in two phases: a 10 x 100 kWp test system, and a 2 x 1 MWp roll-out test to secure the supplier of future solar power projects. These tests will be deployed scaly in Singapore.

The supplier Sunseap is a high profile designing and manufacturing company of a wide-range of solar-powered applications and devices in Singapore. Hann-Ocean has proposed technology solutions of solar floating platforms to enhance the effectiveness of PV panels. In order to maximize the effectiveness with lower cost, Hann-Ocean has designed a rectangular shape solar floating platform, which has evolved from Hann-Ocean’s Hexifloat design. This floating platform embraced nine advantages, which are cost-effectiveness, flexible deployment, superior strength and stability, easy maintenance, maximized space utilization, long design lifespan and environment friendly.