Hann-Ocean Successfully Sold 19 Units of Rigifloat Containerized Pontoon Systems (CPS) to Markrick Investment from Australia
On December 28, 2020, Hann-Ocean signed a sales contract for 19 units of Rigifloat Containerized Pontoon Systems (CPS) with Markrick Investment Co., Ltd (Australia). In the early morning of January 15, 2021, all the CPS departed from Singapore Port, and arrived in Australia on January 31, 2021.
Drakoo-Z Sea Trial Permit in China Secured
On August 18, 2020, National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC) of Ministry of Natural Resources of China approved the application of Hann-Ocean for an upgraded Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Drakoo – Z for sea trial at National Integrated Ocean Energy Shallow Water Test Site in Northern China (Weihai).
Datang International Institute Visit Hann-Ocean
March 20 2020, the Datang International ( of experts visited Hann-Ocean Energy (Nantong) R&D facility to discuss cooperation matters.
Hann-Ocean and ZPMC Signed A Cooperation Agreement
March 12 2020, Hann-Ocean and ZPMC signed an exclusive market distribution agreement. ZPMC became a distributor of Hann-Ocean and exclusively distributed all Drakoo and RigiFloat products which are applied in projects of China Communications Constrction Co., Ltd. (CCCC) and related parties in the Territory of China and overseas.
Drakoo Wave Energy Converter Wave Flume Test Report Passed DNV-GL’s Final Verification
On February 6th, 2020, the Drakoo-B0015 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Full-Scale Wave Flume Test Report was approved by DNV-GL, a world-leading certification society in the marine industry, after one and a half years of rigorous review.The maximum overall conversion efficiency from wave to electricity of the 15kW Drakoo WEC has been validated to be 29% in a real wind-wave environment (up to Tz 8s and Hw 0.9m).
Hann-Ocean at Ocean Energy Europe (OEE 2019)
Hann-Ocean participated in the Ocean Energy Europe Conference and Exhibition at Dublin between 30 September and 02 October 2019.