Hann-Ocean Partnership with Sunseap in Floating PV Test-bedding Project, Singapore
9th February 2015, after more than one year of evaluation, SERIS announced the final eight winners with nine designs to participate in one of the World’s biggest multiple floating PV test-bedding projects. In this project, Hann-Ocean, being a modular floating platform developer, partnered with Sunseap to enter the competition. This project will commence in May 2015, Singapore.
Successful Registration of Business in Nantong, China
After three months of preparation efforts Hann-Ocean Energy successfully certified the business license for its subsidiary in China on the 9th of February 2015, with the full name is Hann-Ocean Energy Technology and Equipment (Nantong) Co., Ltd. This subsidiary company will focus on the products and services of ocean renewable energy, which may be applied in industry electricity demands or desolated islands for residences.
Participation in the Fifth National Ocean Energy Academic Conference, China
Hann-Ocean’s CEO, Mr Henry Han, has been invited for the 5th National Ocean Energy Academic Conference at Tsinghua University, China. Henry Han, as the only entrepreneur invited, was honoured to introduce his Drakoo WEC technology, its advantages, R&D milestones and further applications and implementations.
Signing of Investment Agreement with Sutong Science & Technology Park, Nantong, China
On the 18th of November, Hann-Ocean Energy signed a two-year strategic investment agreement with the representatives of Sutong Science & Technology Park (STP). This action determined the orientation of future development and ambition in China.
Go-China” Investment Plan approval by Hann-Ocean Group on Extraordinary General Meeting
On the 8th of November 2014, the shareholders of Hann-Ocean Group attended the Extraordinary General Meeting at the R&D headquarters in Singapore. Future business strategies, business plans and investments have been elaborated. The main topic on the “Go-China” investment plan has been approved.
Signing of Letter of Offer from Sutong Science & Technology Park, China
The Sutong Science & Technology Park is located at the northern part of Su Tong Bridge, which is connecting Shanghai and the Southern parts of Jiangsu. Based on the successful project on China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, STP did also introduce Singapore’s advanced concepts in their development plans by implementing international mechanisms. The advantages drawn from this concept provided STP a strategic position in “An International Enterprise Park and Eco-friendly City in the Yangtze Delta”.