Singapore Lianhe Zaobao Press Release on Hann-Ocean’s Drakoo Technology
As a pioneer in the ocean renewable energy field, Mr. Henry Han received an interview from Singapore Lianhe Zaobao to elaborate the Drakoo Wave Energy Convertor invention.
Investment site survey in Lingang, China
As a rapid developing area in Shanghai, Lingang Industrial Zone consists of: a Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Area, International Logistics Park, Comprehensive Industrial Zone, four towns with all the facilities for living and the Sanxin Park. The site is located at the tip of the peninsula between the Yangtze and Qiantang rivers, about 60 kilometers south-east of downtown Shanghai.
Wave Energy Development site survey in Shanwei, China
The engineering team of Hann-Ocean Energy set off on the 4th of June to Shanwei for a resource assessment on wave energy. As a potential site for wave energy, Shanwei is located in the coastal area of the south-eastern Guangdong Province. It is facing southwards to the South China Sea with a 302 kilometres long coastline, and a total of 93 islands in the vicinity.
Hann-Ocean Energy showcased the Drakoo WEC technology in the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit in Honolulu Hawaii.
9th – 11th September, 2013 – As part of the promotional effort on the ocean wave energy development, Hann-Ocean participated in the Technology Showcase of the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit held in Honolulu Hawaii.
Hann-Ocean’s WEC pilot project – Drakoo-B0016 array launched into Tuas View Sea in Singapore
With the completion of the mooring structures at Tuas View Sea, the world’s first containerized modular Drakoo Type-B wave energy converter array (model Drakoo-B0016, 16kWp) was finally launched to the sea and is in operation.
Hann-Ocean Energy secured a total of S$6.75m investment from a professional private investor, Mr Robert A. Stone
Hann-Ocean Energy (HOE) signed an agreement with Mr Robert A. Stone, the Singapore-based professional private investor, who commits to invest up to S$5.5m over the next two years in HOE. This is in addition to his earlier investment of S$1.25m since November 2012.