Drakoo - A Revolutionary Wave Energy Converter

Key Advantages

  • Excellent Wave Abstraction Efficiency - Up to 100% (peak)
  • Outstanding Wave-to-Electricity Conversion Efficiency - Up to 55% (peak)
  • Highly Cost-Effective - Down to USD 0.12 per kWh
  • Broad Operational Range - Nearly full practical wave range
  • Plug-n-Run Architecture - Easy installation and maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly - Safe for aquatic life and negligible visual impact


Drakoo-B0016 Array in Singapore

Wave Flume Test

Changi Beach Sea Test

Narec Wave Flume Test

Plug-n-Run System

Singapore Sea Trial

Click here for Drakoo-B0004 e-Brochure.


Type-B (Box Shape) Type-R (Round Shape)
  • Independent wave farms
  • Fixed coastal breakwaters
  • Floating wave breakers
  • Integrated into existing offshore wind farms
  • Inner tank sloshing damping for ships
  • Reactive ship stabilisers
  • Integrated into existing wave farms
  • Attachable to existing vessels or oil rigs
  • Independent wave farms

breakwater in shallow water

Fixed Modular WEC

Floating Modular WEC

Floating Loop WEC

Piled WEC

Floating Type-R WEC