Rigifloat TM Rigid Pontoon Connector (RPC)

Key Advantages

  • Rigid Connection - Firm engagement with self-tensioning
  • Simple yet Robust - Only one pair of movable solid keys for superior strength
  • 'Drop-n-Lock' - 20 seconds to join with self-alignment feature
  • Modular Interface - Easy integration with pontoons
rigid pontoon connector (rpc)


Connector Properties
Length (mm) < 520
Width (mm) < 250
Thickness (mm) 50
Material Mild Steel
Weight (kg) < 27
Connector Proof Loads (witnessed by ABS, American Bureau of Shipping)
Tension load (kN [t]) 1961 [200]
Compression load (kN [t]) 1667 [170]
Shear load (kN [t]) 981 [100]
Bending (kN-m [t-m]) 1866 [190]


  • Transformable Floating Entertainment Hub (TFEH)
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Production Base
  • Floating Oil & Gas Production and Storage
  • Mega Cruise Terminal
  • Floating Breakwater
  • Floating Stadium
  • Floating Homes
  • Port Facility
  • Marina Jetty
active water sports hub
  artist’s impression of the new cruise centre [from bigstockphoto.com]
Mega Cruise Terminal
  floating square buildings at huis ten bosch japan
Floating Homes
  floating container terminal [from bigstockphoto.com]
Port Facility
  the proposed sailing club floating jetty
Marina Jetty