Successful Initial Electricity Generation of A New 10kWp Drakoo Wave Energy Converter Prototype of Hann-Ocean Energy


A newly developed full-scale 10kWp Drakoo-B0010 Wave Energy Converter was tested and generated electricity successfully for the first time in the newly built testing facility of Hann-Ocean Energy in Su-tong Science & Technology Park, Nantong, China. 

Being Hann-Ocean’s key product the Drakoo WEC was installed in the “Hann-Ocean 01” twin wave flume.  It is the result of combining eight years of continuous R&D efforts and a full year of design and precision fabrication.  On 19 December 2016, all the necessary components of the machine had arrived. Hann-Ocean engineers have put their best efforts through the days and nights with high standard of quality assurance and persevering spirit to complete the installation timely.  Finally, on 23 December, wave generation commenced at 1pm and the continuous electricity generation by the Drakoo started.  The peak power output of the Drakoo during the test was 3.8kW in which the respective wave height was only 0.6m!  The minimum wave height tested was 0.4m and generated electricity successfully as well.

The success of this Drakoo module testing marks a significant milestone for Hann-Ocean’s wave technology development.  Large wave energy arrays integrating such standard modules will push the ocean renewable energy to the next level in commercial scale applications.

Hann-Ocean Energy will continue to improve the energy converter performance for higher power output and will test over the complete operative range of wave environments in regular and irregular wave to validate its total-performance characteristics.