A Stunning Floating Platform Assembled in Darwin, Australia
On 22 September 2022, we received a piece of exciting news from our client Polaris Marine Constructions in Darwin, Australia - the RigiFloat® floating platform comprising 42 units of floating modules that they ordered from Hann-Ocean were fully assembled on the water and successfully connected at 3:00 p.m. on the same day.
Hann-Ocean Energy Officially Established in Zhoushan
In July 2022, Hann-Ocean Energy (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Shengsi, Zhoushan. Several state-owned enterprises, research institutes and universities have already been seeking cooperation with Hann-Ocean Energy. On August 10,2022, the vice general manager of Hann-Ocean Energy (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd was interviewed by Zhoushan News, introducing the “Drakoo” wave energy generator sea trial project again. In addition to many official publicity of the sea trial, this program showed again the
High Appreciation from Polaris Marine
On June 27th, 2022, 24 units of “RigiFloat” pontoons (Type-A) were successfully delivered to Shanghai port. Hann-Ocean team led the operation and recorded the whole process of the load-out, and shared the video and photos of the same with its client Polaris Marine. Polaris Marine expressed great satisfaction on the timely delivery. Below are the comments from the Project Manager of Polaris Marine.
Polaris Marine Project- 24 Units of Type-A “RigiFloat” Pontoons Sent to Shanghai Port
On June 27, 2022, the first batch of 24 units of Type-A "RigiFloat" pontoons of Polaris Marine project were all collected and sent to Shanghai port, waiting to be loaded on board. Since all the pontoons are CSC certified, so every two pontoons are stacked up and down to form one 40BK container, that is, 12*40BK containers. Together with the connector accessories, a total of 13 trailers arrived today, which is an extremely spectacular scene.
Zhejiang Daily's Report on Hann-Ocean Energy's Wave Engergy Generation Technology and Market Prospects
On June 16, Zhejiang Daily published a special report entitled "Blue Kinetic Energy, How to Take It", introducing the new breakthroughs achieved by the pilot projects of marine energy utilization in Zhejiang Province. Due to the smooth progress of the “Drakoo” wave energy generator sea trial in Shengsi, Zhejiang Daily interviewed Han Lei, executive director and general manager of Hann-ocean Energy and gave an extensive report on Hann-Ocean Energy's wave power technology and market prospect.
Polaris Marine Project-First Batch of 24 RigiFloat Pontoons Successfully Delivered
On December 30, 2021, Hann-Ocean Technology, through its distributor in Australia, Australia Marine Services, successfully signed a contract with Polaris Marine Constructions in Australia to design and manufacture 36 units of containerized floating platform modules- RigiFloat pontoons. This technology is internationally patented and is one of the star products of Hann-Ocean Technology.