Drakoo Modular WEC Peak Power Breakthrough



On March 14 2018,Hann-Ocean’s ‘Drakoo’ WEC achieved a peak power of 11.2 kW during it’s latest water flume tests successfully which broke its own record of 9.3 kW of November 2017. Having implemented an additional MPPT charge controller, all three 5kWp-MPPTs work together in series to provide this electrical peak power at the same time.

On March 8, 2018, the Hann-Ocean team increased the power capacity of the ‘Drakoo’ control system by 50%, from 10 kWp to 15 kWp and calibrated successfully. A total electrical load of 11.22kW rated power has been added and driven during the Drakoo tests. The load bank comprise 66x LED lights (50W rated each), 48x lightbulbs (40W rated each) and 4x industrial fans (1500W rated each). The Drakoo WEC is now capable of powering the complete load capacity.

Attribute to the professional and innovative spirit, Hann-Ocean’s technical team overcame the capacity constraints of the original electric control system and raised the power capacity of the Drakoo from 10 kWp to 15 kWp with the lowest costs in just a 3 months, being 3.5 months ahead of the original schedule.

This is how Hann-Ocean Energy reflects its spirit of swiftness and perseverance! A 50% rise of power capacity means that the costs of capacity of Drakoo is reduced significantly by 32%, that the unit cost of the electricity generated by the Drakoo wave energy is much more competitive towards other renewables. As a result, the applications of the Drakoo WEC will be far more attractive.  Find out more, please visit www.hann-ocean.com.