The Hull of 10 kW Wave Energy Converter ‘Drakoo-B0010’ was installed successfully


On October 21, 2016, the hull of 10 kW Wave Energy Converter “Drakoo”-B0010 was installed successfully into 'Hann-Ocean 1' Twin Wave Flume in Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park.

The 5mx3mx3. 5m hull, made up with an inner hull and an outer hull, was to be installed in the 5.5 meters deep, 3 meters wide wave tank. the installation deviation must not exceed + / - 1 cm. To ensure a safe and efficient installation, the engineers of Hann-ocean conducted a complete computer simulation for the installation process and proposed a detailed plan.

The manufacturing contractor delivered the hull to the Hann-Ocean factory in the early morning of October 20th. After that, Hann-ocean team, together with the contractor, was working on the installation in an orderly way. The narrow operation space made the activity extremely hard. By the joint efforts of the site engineers and workers, the shell was installed into the wave flume within one and a half days.

The successful installation of the shell laid a solid foundation for the following “Drakoo” assembly and operation.