A Facelift of “Hann-Ocean 01” Twin Wave Flume


On June 1st, 2018, Hann-Ocean Energy completed the re-coating of the internal surface of the large-scale “Hann-Ocean 01” Twin Wave Flume, removing the old waterproof coating and switching to a waterproof coating with better quality and longer durability. The colour of the coating for the bottom of the wave flume changed from white to blue. Therefore, the water in the wave resembles blue sea water which makes the wave flume more gorgeous.


The construction of the wave flume was completed in July 2016 to produce ocean-like, real-scale waves for the performance testing of the Drakoo WEC prototypes. A large number of wave tests have been carried out in this wave flume in the past two years. Some cracks and damages occurred to the surface coating due to long-lasting soaking and scour of water which compromised the wave propagation and, thus, the test results. After analysing the cause of the problem in details, Hann-Ocean engineers decided to replace the coating. This time a paint with better waterproofing characteristics was applied: this paint, thanks to its stronger adhesion to the wall, will make the inner wall surface smoother and more conducive to the accurate long-term simulations of real ocean waves. Moreover, the coating has a five-year life guarantee, which covers falling off and cracking of the said paint in the aforementioned period. The bottom colour was changed to dark blue, making the water more visually close to the true colour of the sea water.


The facelift of “Hann-Ocean 01” Wave Flume indicates the spirit of Hann-Ocean Energy to pursue perfection, precision and improvement, as well as its commitment to the long-term R&D in the marine renewable energy field.