Day 2 of MRAS 2018


MRAS 2018 Day 2.png

Clear Javan skies and the heady smell of freshly ground coffee welcomed guests to day 2 of MRAS 2018. Dr. M. Ilyas, Head of Marine Survey Technology, Center for Marine Survey Technology, Indonesia, opened the morning session with a presentation on marine survey technology. PT Indonesia Infrastructure’s (IFF) portfolio of financial services for renewable energy clients was presented by Mr. Irman Boyle, the company’s Executive Vice President.

Weaving seamlessly into the mix, Andre Susanto, Founder and Senior VP of PT Inovasi Dinamika Pratama charmed the audience with his eloquence, while providing a roadmap for offshore renewable energy developers in Indonesia. Multiple business models were demonstrated by Andre, which could benefit developers looking to gain a foothold in the market.

Mr. Henry Han, the Managing Director of Hann-Ocean was invited by Mr. Harris Yahya, Director, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia to the Ministry’s premises in Jakarta for a private demonstration. At the meeting, Mr. Han emphasized Drakoo WEC’s ability to perform in small scale waves. Delivering performance in waves as low as 0.3m, Drakoo is peerless in this region. Its modular design (a highly desirable trait for deployment on remote islands) was highlighted to demonstrate HOE’s capability to support community development via an off-grid system that would enable rural electrification. Mr. Yahya also expressed his satisfaction at HOE’s commitment to address the need for clean energy, create jobs and support social welfare all at once, which is the unique selling proposition of Drakoo WEC for Indonesia.

Topics such as the cost of electricity (COE), Drakoo WEC’s storied development and the interest it has generated in places such as the Arabian Gulf, Italy and South Africa were also broached. The meeting concluded with a mutual expression of desire to forge stronger ties between Indonesia and Singapore and a cordial invitation was extended to Mr. Yahya to tour HOE’s facility in Nantong, China.