Hann-Ocean Field Survey


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October 16~18, 2018, Hann-Ocean Engineering Team went to the Guishan Island and Outer Lingding Island in Zhuhai City for a three-day site wave measurement.

Guishan Island and Outer Lingding Island are tourist islands which are famous for its beautiful natural and cultural landscape. Infrastructure such as docks and hotels built on the island and residents and tourists on the island has a large demand for water and electricity. However, the current supply of electricity basically relies on diesel power, which is costly.

Before the field survey, the Hann-Ocean team held several teleconferences with the team from the Economic Development Bureau of Wanshan District and finally selected the two islands with relatively good wave resources for measurement. The Economic Development Bureau of Wanshan District also provided strong support to the work of wave measurement and arranged special personnel to accompany the Hann-Ocean Team throughout the journey. Hann-Ocean Engineers placed the pressure sensors, high-precision data acquisition instruments and other instruments around the island to collect sea wave data from different directions. At the same time, the UAV was released to take pictures of the whole island and the surrounding sea environment, providing imaging data for the Hann-Ocean rear technical team.

In the meanwhile, the relevant data were sent to the headquarter of Hann-Ocean in Singapore for statistical analysis. After the precise analysis, Hann-Ocean technicians will simulate the calculation based on the wave data and the island electricity demand data provided by the government to finalize the demand for power, QTY of Drakoo WEC and specific location etc.. Subsequently, Hann-Ocean will keep following up with the Economic Development Bureau of Wanshan District to promote the application of wave power generation projects on Guishan island and Outer Lingding Island.

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