High Appreciation from Polaris Marine


On June 27th, 2022, 24 units of “RigiFloat” pontoons (Type-A) were successfully delivered to Shanghai port. Hann-Ocean team led the operation and recorded the whole process of the load-out, and shared the video and photos of the same with its client Polaris Marine. Polaris Marine expressed great satisfaction on the timely delivery. Below are the comments from the Project Manager of Polaris Marine:


Henry, thanks for your efforts and for your thorough documentation of the load-out; that will greatly assist us in providing comfort to our customers Ventia and ERA. Some great photos there, the pontoons honestly look awesome! I will distribute amongst our internal team and upper management. Everyone is very impressed with your work.”


“What a great (video) clip – We are also excited to see the pontoons land in Australia and get things underway!