Signing of Letter of Offer from Sutong Science & Technology Park, China


The Sutong Science & Technology Park is located at the northern part of Su Tong Bridge, which is connecting Shanghai and the Southern parts of Jiangsu. Based on the successful project on China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, STP did also introduce Singapore’s advanced concepts in their development plans by implementing international mechanisms. The advantages drawn from this concept provided STP a strategic position in “An International Enterprise Park and Eco-friendly City in the Yangtze Delta”.

Mr. Henry Han was determined to set up a subsidiary company or branch in China with one manufacturing facility and one R&D center. During a meeting, Mr. Henry Han expressed the intention to invest in Nantong. Subsequently a letter of intent was signed between Hann-Ocean Energy and the representatives of STP. This action enabled Hann-Ocean Energy to expand internationally, and to be benefitted from local talents and supports for better access to the China market.