Mr Lu Shan, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, visits Hann-Ocean Wave Energy Generator Site


On April 20, 2022, Mr Lu Shan, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, came to Shengsi for the inspection and rectification on central ecological and environmental protection. To investigate the development of new energy industry, Vice Governor Lu visited Hann-Ocean Energy's wave energy generator station in the Shengsi archipelago, and conducted an on-site inspection. Han Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor, Wu Jianbo, secretary of the Shengsi County Party Committee, and Yang Song, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county governor, participated in the investigation.


At about 11 AM, two buses, fully loaded with leaders led by Lu Shan, vice governor of Zhejiang Province, came to Shengsi archipelago, the sea trial site of Hann-Ocean's Drakoo wave energy generator.

Due to the epidemic situation, Mr Henry Han, inventor of Drakoo, founder and managing director of Hann-Ocean, could not attend the event. With the cooperation of Hann-Ocean employees on the site, Henry conducted an online presentation and answered questions on the wave energy generator project.

Vice Governor Lu expressed great interest in the introduction posters of Drakoo and the wave power generation demonstration on site. At the beginning of the online meeting, in response to the question from Vice Governor Lu, Henry described Drakoo’s twin-chamber oscillating water column hydro turbine generation system” as a new concept of wave energy converter that is completely different from many wave power generation principles mentioned in textbooks. With its unique working principle, Drakoo ensures the generator is able to continuously generate electricity in the two phases of rising and falling on the wave surface in order to maintain the high efficiency of power generation and the overall stability, which is also the core technology of Hann-Ocean’s independent innovation.

In response to Vice Governor Lu’s question about the testing and maintenance of the system, Henry mentioned that the Drakoo wave energy generator is a device designed according to shipbuilding standards and has an operating design life span of more than 20 years. At the same time, it was also mentioned that the permanent magnet generator had recently returned to the factory for repair due to the problem of high tide water leakage and said that a solution had been found and would be applied to the equipment soon. The purpose of conducting the sea trial is to identify any weakness in the system and find solutions (when necessary). Henry also stressed, "Because our equipment adopts modular design concept when the generator fails it can be replaced one-to-one on the site. The downtime of the whole machine can be controlled within 90 minutes."

Regarding the question of “the time needed from Drakoo’s sea trial to its commercialization”, Henry explained that this one-year wave energy power generation sea trial was commenced on January 8, 2022, to accumulate measured data for analysis so that the future large-scale commercial applications can be supported by those data. Besides that, other focuses of this sea trial are design optimization, stability and durability improvement, and operation and maintenance experience accumulation. At present, Hann-Ocean’s products are designed and produced in accordance with industrial standards as Hann-Ocean has deep expertise and long-standing experience in marine engineering design and sales projects. After five years of continuous testing and optimization, Drakoo wave generator technology is ready for large-scale commercialization. “We hope that the government can provide support and opportunities for the commercialization process of wave energy,” Henry said.

In addition, Henry also introduced to Vice Governor Lu the life-cycle cost of Drakoo wave energy generation, as well as the independent and grid-connected power generation methods of wave energy.

At the end of the investigation, Vice Governor Lu pointed out that enterprises should combine the factors like local climate and hydrological conditions in Shengsi to further focus on the main direction of scientific research and accelerate the transformation and application of achievements.

The visit and guidance of the provincial leaders of Zhejiang Province are of great significance to both Hann-Ocean Energy and the Drakoo wave energy generator project. All the staff of Hann-Ocean Energy are highly encouraged by this, and Hann-Ocean Energy will continue to strive for innovation and research & development to contribute to the development of the blue economy and provide more reliable, clean energy.