Polaris Marine Project-First Batch of 24 RigiFloat Pontoons Successfully Delivered


On December 30, 2021, Hann-Ocean Technology, through its distributor in Australia, Australia Marine Services, successfully signed a contract with Polaris Marine Constructions in Australia to design and manufacture 36 units of containerized floating platform modules- RigiFloat pontoons. This technology is internationally patented and is one of the star products of Hann-Ocean Technology. 



After half a year, Hann-Ocean Technology has overcome various difficulties, especially after the large-scale outbreak of Covid-19, a series of problems brought by epidemic prevention measures such as lockdown, work stoppage, and home staying. But Hann-ocean still maintained close contact with Polaris Marine, so as to communicate and solve the problems and update the newest situation on the progress in time.


Since June 9th, the 24 units of Type-A pontoons have begun the coating process, and the factory acceptance has been successfully completed on June 15th,witnessed by surveyors of Lloyd’s Register. Later on the 24 units of pontoons will be shipped from Shanghai port to Australia by sea. All pontoons are CSC certified, and the two pontoons can be stacked as one 40 HC shipping container, thus greatly saving the transportation costs.


The first batch of 24 units pontoons, from design to production, the Hann-Ocean Technology Team put a high premium on this project and gave full play to the team’s own strengths and experience in shipbuilding for more than 10 years. Hann-Ocean Technology team has done their best to deliver the pontoons that satisfied both the customers and themselves. The whole team was highly encouraged and motivated by this.



In addition, the second batch of 12 units Type-B pontoons is in full production and is expected to be completed on June 29th. The successful cooperation with Polaris Marine Constructions this time symbolizes that Hann-Ocean Technology has stepped onto a new level in the modular floating platform market. In the future, Hann-Ocean Technology will continue to leverage its product strengths and successful project experience to better meet the market demand for modular floating platforms with better product design, larger scale mass production levels and faster delivery.