Hann-Ocean Energy Participated in the 4th National Ocean Technology Conference


Hann-Ocean Energy participated in the 4th National Ocean Technology Conference & the OceanTech International Symposium at the Zhoushan Campus of Zhejiang University, between May 16 and May 18 2019, where Mr. Han Lei, the managing director, made a presentation titled, “A Systematic Approach for Performing Wave Energy Study”.

Sponsored by the Ocean College of Zhejiang University, the conference is a platform for companies and researchers in the marine technology industry to exchange ideas, share research and construction experience and explore areas of mutual synergy with a view towards future development of the industry.

Hann-Ocean Energy is a technological innovation enterprise, whose experience in the development of a wave energy device named “Drakoo” spans a decade. Key takeaways for the company from this conference include the many discussions on marine technology R&D with experts and scholars, and the intent to cooperate with certain research units for the realization of commercial projects in the wave energy industry.

Hann-Ocean held one such meeting with a company that is developing a manned submersible, with the intent to charge it at sea by harnessing the power of ocean waves. The companies agreed to forge a detailed sea-charging plan, which will involve Drakoo Wave Energy Converter (WEC) units from Hann-Ocean. Charging vehicles such as AUVs, ROVs etc. in-situ using wave power could be a healthy future market segment for Drakoo WEC.

Another important discussion pertained to the development of marine fish farming in cages, in Southeast Asian countries. Hann-Ocean and a Chinese university discussed the merits of the project, which is a part of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. Hann-Ocean’s familiarity with the Southeast Asian market will be of benefit to the commercialization of Drakoo WEC in such marine aquaculture projects in the region.