National Ocean Technology Center Visit Hann-Ocean for 'Drakoo'WEC



June 21 2017, Wang Haifeng, Director of the Ocean Energy Management Department from the National Ocean Technology Center, together with his experts team visited Hann-Ocean Energy (Nantong) R&D facility.

During this intercommunication, Wang expounded the responsibilities and obligations of the National Ocean Technology Center for ocean energy development and introduced the basic situation of Marine energy development in China and the key support policies of ocean energy development since the 13th five-year plan. Hann-Ocean Energy team showed our amazing “Drakoo” WEC technology and conducted live demo. of the power generation process of 'Drakoo' 10 kw WEC prototype.

After the live demo., both sides had further discussion about the prospect of wave energy development, the promotion and application of 'Drakoo' WEC technology and the policy 'One Belt, One Road' supporting the development of ocean energy. Finally, National Ocean Technology introduced the national funding policy supporting ocean energy development and proposed that Hann-Ocean Energy should take advantage of its advanced technology and facility to involve in the wave energy development and application actively, and explore the market of the power supply for remote islands.