A Stunning Floating Platform Assembled in Darwin, Australia


On 22 September 2022, we received a piece of exciting news from our client Polaris Marine Constructions in Darwin, Australia - the RigiFloat® floating platform comprising 42 units of floating modules that they ordered from Hann-Ocean were fully assembled on the water and successfully connected at 3:00 p.m. on the same day.


The floating platform used as a wicking barge is 74 meters long and 14.6 meters wide, which makes up a total deck area of about 1,082 square meters. Shipped out to Australia by Hann-Ocean Technology in early July 2022, the 42 units of floating modules included 18 units of Type-A pontoons, 18 units of Type-B pontoons and 6 units of hinge connection modules. Both Type-A and Type-B pontoons are of 40-feet ISO freight container dimensions and come with CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) plates. With Hann-Ocean's patented technology – Rigid Pontoon Connector (RPC), the 42 units of floating modules joined with 198 pairs of RPC connectors plus 6 pairs of newly developed hinge connectors to successfully form a huge floating platform – 1.5 times the length of an Olympic swimming pool.


Due to the complexity of the structure and the variety and different drafts of the modules, the whole floating connection process was challenging.  However, with the excellent performance of Hann-Ocean's RigiFloat® connectors, high precision of the containerised floating modules and rich experience of the Polaris Marine Construction team from Australia, the two parties were able to overcome all the difficulties and completed the task smoothly and on schedule.


The Polaris Marine project started in December 2021 via the joint effort of multiple parties including Australia Marine Services, Polaris Marine Constructions, ASO Marine Consultants and Lloyds Register, besides Hann-Ocean Technology. The successful launch of the RigiFloat® floating platform at Darwin is a testament to the close collaboration of the parties involved, and the strength of Hann-Ocean’s modular floating platform technology. Hann-Ocean Technology is thrilled to see the platform that they designed and manufactured performing and exceeding expectations in Australia.  Hann-Ocean has also received many positive feedbacks from the customer and other parties, and we are motivated to continue to develop and improve the floating platform technology even further.