Hann-Ocean Energy engaged IHPC Singapore for Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation code development


Hann-Ocean has been developing a novel wave energy conversion (WEC) technology Drakoo since 2008. After delivery of the first commercial project Drakoo-B00016 to Jurong Shipyard in Nov 2012, Hann-Ocean has a desire to further optimize the design of the Drakoo for energy conversion efficiency.

The Drakoo is the world’s first WEC that works under very small wave conditions (0.2m ~ 0.6m). To achieve that unique feature, low-head water turbine is integrated in the Drakoo which requires comprehensive design optimization. Among the best available technologies, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis using high performance computers is the best approach to investigate the characteristics of such low-head turbines.

To enhance the design analysis capability for the Drakoo, Hann-Ocean has signed a six months contract with IHPC to develop a customized CFD simulation code. With the support of best experts in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Singapore, the product Drakoo Type-B is maturing rapidly and Hann-Ocean is getting ready to bring wave energy to the next level.