Datang International Institute Visit Hann-Ocean


March 20 2020, the Datang International team of experts visited Hann-Ocean Energy (Nantong) R&D facility to discuss cooperation matters.

Datang International expert team first visited the R & D facility then boarded the “Hann- Ocean 01”wave tank, and witnessed “Drakoo” 15Kw WEC prototype generating electricity in Hann-Ocean’s own built “Hann-Ocean 01” Wave Tank. During the visit, the Hann-Ocean team introduced the equipment and functions of the Wave Tank in detail, and demonstrated the “Drakoo” power generation under different wave heights and wave periods. Datang International expert team expressed great admiration and appreciation, when they learned that the test equipment, including the test Wave Tank, Wave Maker and WEC, were all independently designed by Hann-Ocean, and saw “Drakoo” converting sufficient electricity for 66 LED (50W each) bulbs and 4 large blowers (1500W each).

The two sides held a meeting after the site visit. The Manging Director Henry L Han participated in the meeting in Singapore via online video connection. During the meeting, Mr Han introduced Hann-Ocean Technology and the situation of marketing. With its accumulated experience in the power industry, Datang International has put forward commercially valuable suggestions for the market promotion of wave power generation and enterprise development. They also expressed their willingness to introduce "Drakoo" WEC technology, hope to use the complementary concept of wind power generation and wave power generation to try to develop offshore distributed power generation and enrich their integrated energy generation projects.

The visit of Datang International and the exchanges between the two sides promoted the implementation of the offshore demonstration project.It will lay a foundation for the application of megawatt level “Drakoo” technology in Datong International Energy Comprehensive Project.