the hull structure of 10kw “Drakoo-B0010”passed the quality inspection



On 14th Oct 2016, the hull structure of 10kw wave energy converter “Drakoo-B”, which is of Hann-Ocean’s independent design, passed the quality inspection at the manufacturing site of a Nantong contractor.

During the manufacturing process, the quality was well controlled by Hann-Ocean. On the one hand, Hann-Ocean was aiming at a high assembly precision to ensure a smooth installation into the wave flume. On the other hand, the surface roughness and the concentricity were measured by a laser equipment to achieve high power generation efficiency. Moreover, the rubber seals at the interface of the inner components and outer components were compressed to prevent any water leakage.

Oct 23rd, 2016, the “Drakoo” hull structure passed the quality acceptance test after 2-month manufacturing time. The chief engineer and other key engineers of Hann-Ocean have done the on-site inspections for 7 times to ensure proper precision and processing procedures being strictly followed.

The hull structure is built for 10kw wave energy converter “Drakoo-B”. Its completion and acceptance mark that “Drakoo-B” prototype reached a new milestone and lay a solid foundation for the following assembly and operation of the prototype.