Participation in the Fifth National Ocean Energy Academic Conference, China


44.pngHann-Ocean’s CEO, Mr Henry Han, has been invited for the 5th National Ocean Energy Academic Conference at Tsinghua University, China. Henry Han, as the only entrepreneur invited, was honoured to introduce his Drakoo WEC technology, its advantages, R&D milestones and further applications and implementations.

The presentation was very well and enthusiastic received by the attending professors specialized in this field as well as other scientists and attendants. Among the professors were: Prof. Zhang Yongliang (Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering,Tsinghua University), Prof. You Yage (the director of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion Chinese Academy of Science, Ocean Energy Research Center) and Prof. Zhang Liang (College of Shipbuilding Engineering of Harbin Engineering University).

During the network session at the conference banquet, ideas between Mr. Henry Han, other key speakers and the chairman have been extensively shared. Interests in future potential cooperation have been indicated between the earlier mentioned professors and Mr. Han. Professor You Yage has introduced the demonstration project site in Wanshan Island where further opportunities lie on the deployment of a pilot demonstration project. As a full scale state-level test site for wave converters, the Wanshan sea area is of 30 meter water depth in average with energetic wave conditions.

The laboratory of Hydro-Science and Engineering, and Hydraulic Engineering in Tsinghua University were visited as well. A broader understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of the current wave energy technology in China has been achieved and opportunities in the future have been wider explored.