Welcome to Drakoo Wave Technology Showcase in World Future Energy Summit 2018


The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2018 is the world’s foremost global annual event dedicated to advancing the renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology innovation. This year, the 11th WFES is going to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from January 15 to 18, 2018.  Hann-Ocean Energy will participate in the WFES Exhibition. Welcome you to visit us at Booth 5008 in the WFES exhibition hall.

In January 2013, for the very first time, Hann-Ocean Energy introduced the Drakoo wave energy concept to the WFES, where Drakoo was reported by Dubai Media on the TV network on the first day as one of four most promising clean technology showcases in the event.  This year, after five years further R&D and sea operations, Hann-Ocean Energy will be launching the latest Drakoo WEC 10kWp module at the beginning of the coming WFES.

In this event, we wish not only promote the Drakoo technology but also connect all partners and supporters in the relevant academic, industrial and governmental organisations.  Standing on the WFES platform, we wish to reach the potential end users for ocean renewable energy and to make wave energy feasible together.

In addition to our product showcase at Booth 5008, our Managing Director Henry L Han will give a comprehensive presentation named ‘Drakoo – Energize the Future with Ocean Waves’ at the Energy Efficiency Theatre and Solar Theatre on 16th January at 1:00 PM and 18th January at 11:30 AM respectively.

This Drakoo showcase will initialise the global marketing champion of the Hann-Ocean’s key product - Drakoo wave energy converter, which has taken close to 10 years effort and more than 10 million dollars to develop. We believe that the Drakoo is the most efficient and diversified WEC technology to date. It will set a brand-new technology standard that allows wave energy to meet the growing demand for clean energy worldwide, especially in island communities and remote offshore operations.  

We sincerely welcome you to meet us there. See you then!