Drakoo-Z Sea Trial Permit in China Secured


On August 18, 2020, National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC) of Ministry of Natural Resources of China approved the application of Hann-Ocean for a sea trial of the Drakoo-Z Wave Energy Converter (WEC).

Drakoo-Z is a new generation of Drakoo WEC, developed by Hann-Ocean based on the past five years of extensive R&D. Compared to the previous generation Drakoo-B, the wave-to-electricity efficiency has increased by up to 18% and the stability of power output by up to 100%. Drakoo-B 15kw model mean wave to electricity (gen) efficiency, as confirmed by DNV, is 29%.

To demonstrate the efficiency of Drakoo-Z in irregular sea conditions, and to verify its stability of power generation in real ocean waves, Hann-Ocean is collaborating with NOTC to conduct a sea trial of a 10kW Drakoo-Z module prototype, to be installed on a catamaran located at National Integrated Ocean Energy Test Site of Northern China (Weihai) in early 2021. An internationally renowned professional certification agency will be invited to witness and verify the test report to be produced by NOTC.

To accelerate the commencement of the sea trial, Hann-Ocean and NOTC have overcome communication difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. After three months of remote communication, both parties finally reached a consensus on the critical issues of the sea trial such as the sea trial standards, test scope, schedule and the installation position on the catamaran. Hann-Ocean's Drakoo-Z sea trial application was also officially approved by NOTC on August 18, 2020. Moving forward, Hann-Ocean will speed up the design and construction of Drakoo-Z and prepare for the subsequent full-scale tank testing and sea trial.

The approval of the application is an important step towards the success of the Drakoo-Z sea trial. This will be the pilot sea trial and demonstration of Drakoo WEC in China, following the successful sea trial of Drakoo-B in Singapore, which was conducted between 2013 and 2014. The success of the sea trial and demonstration will provide strong support for the commercialization of Drakoo WEC globally.