Wave Energy Development site survey in Shanwei, China


The engineering team of Hann-Ocean Energy set off on the 4th of June to Shanwei for a resource assessment on wave energy. As a potential site for wave energy, Shanwei is located in the coastal area of the south-eastern Guangdong Province. It is facing southwards to the South China Sea with a 302 kilometres long coastline, and a total of 93 islands in the vicinity.

Nine potential sites in the coastal area were initially selected by preliminary study on wave, wind and weather conditions. Eventually, two sites were selected to visit (Site 4 and Site 9, see figure below) during the trip. These locations have the potential to function as a demonstration site for the Drakoo-B. Located near the downtown of Shanwei a 400m long T-shaped breakwater is found on Site 4, which has a T-end of a 100m wide. The Sites’ water depth at low tide of about 3.7m – 4m and a freeboard of about 5m are perfect conditions for this site. Wave measurements have been conducted on the two visited locations.

Cooperation opportunities have been discussed during a meeting with potential collaborators and local component suppliers on the 3rd day.