Successful Completion of the 1st Drakoo WEC Load Test


On 9th June 2018, Hann-Ocean Energy (HOE), together with China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC), finished the structure load test of the Drakoo-B0015 WEC successfully.  The purpose of the load test is to measure and predict the stains and forces of the Drakoo to experience in the actual sea environment, so as to provide a design reference for an actual project implementation.


In order to achieve the goal mentioned above, the Hann-Ocean team made a comprehansive test plan, and enagaged a technical specilist team from CSSRC to the HOE (Nantong) factory to conduct the field structure load test. Since 5th June 2018 , three days prior to the arrival of the external specialists, the HOE team worked during day and night (12 to 17 hours a day) to make complete preparations for the test, including relocate the Drakoo WEC onto the final test position, and ensuring that the Drakoo’s two sides have no contact with the wave flume wall, making it symmetrical on both sides.  7th June 2018, the specialists from CSSRC arrived at the factory and started working for three days. On the first day, installations of testing instruments and the stain gauges were carried out, and on the second day, sampling and debugging of the testing instruments were carried out to improve the quality of test signals. On the third day the actual test was conducted according to the test plan. The two teams worked hand in hand and kept improving the results together.  Facing unexpected challenges, they gave full play to their professional knowledge and skills, worked together to solve the problems, and completed the test task with quality and quantity.


After the completion of the test, the specialists from CSSRC performed the data analysis and submitted the analysis report a week later, including detailed calibrations of the sensors and the analysis of the Drakoo structure loadings experienced during the various waves conditions, which provides the reliable scientific basis for further detailed design and analysis of the project.