Hann-Ocean Technology successfully signed a contract with Polaris Maritime Constructions to supply 36 RigiFloat containerised pontoons


On December 30, 2021, Hann-Ocean Technology, through its distributor in Australia, Australia Marine Services, successfully signed a contract with Polaris Marine Constructions from Australia to design and build 36 RigiFloat containerised pontoons. The signing of this contract marks the consolidation and expansion of our floating platform business in the Australian market.

Thanks to the modular design of the containerised pontoons, Hann-Ocean's RigiFloat pontoons have significant advantages in inland transportation, inland waterway delivery and deployment. The RigiFloat pontoons can be flexibly and quickly assembled to construct a larger and more stable floating platform on the water, using mechanical connectors – Rigid Pontoon Connector (RPC). The Internationally Patented RPC is independently developed and type-approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Hann-Ocean Technology won this order with excellent design flexibility and obvious cost performance in the bidding with similar products from the Netherlands and the United States.

"In the future, we will better meet the actual needs of the market for modular floating platforms with better product design, more large-scale mass production level and faster delivery speed." said Henry L. Han, inventor of the RigiFloat connector and managing director of Hann-Ocean Technology.