Drakoo featured in Boomtown Asia II, Channel NewsAsia


Drakoo has made its debut in the TV series Boomtown Asia II. As populations boom in Asia, it’s a race against the clock to change the way cities use energy, treat water, harness technology and utilize transportation. Boomtown Asia takes a look at up-and-coming cities across the continents that are leading the way in sustainable urban technology. The episode features Hann-Ocean’s Drakoo Wave Energy Converter, invented by Henry Han Lei, as an alternative energy solution to an energy-hungry island nation, Singapore.

Like many other islands, Singapore lacks natural resources, has a limited land space for solar and less powerful winds and waves. Drakoo proves to be an innovative solution to overcome all these challenges for renewable energy. The modular, compact and highly-efficient Drakoo is an exceptionally cost-effective way of harnessing the hidden potential of wave energy from the seas, even with minimal waves, for sustainable future.