Hann-Ocean’s Drakoo poised to receive the world’s first Wave Energy Converter Test Endorsement by DNV GL
Hann-Ocean Energy Pte. Ltd. is scheduled to perform a feasibility study for the application of wave energy to power offshore O&G platforms in the Arabian Sea.
Successful Conclusion of Hann-ocean’s Showcase at InnovFest Suzhou 2018
The two-day InnovFest Suzhou 2018 came to a successful conclusion on June 21st, 2018. Hann-Ocean energy group was invited to participate in the conference to promote Hann-Ocean brand and its Drakoo product, to explore network business partners and investors and to look for cooperation opportunities with the help of this world's leading platform.
Welcome to Drakoo WEC Showcase at Suzhou InnovFest 2018
In InnovFest-Suzhou 2018 to be held in Suzhou, China on 20-21 June 2018, Hann-Ocean Energy will participate in the conference and exhibition of the InnovFest to promote its Drakoo wave energy technology and look for strategic partners.
Successful Completion of the 1st Drakoo WEC Load Test
On 9th June 2018, Hann-Ocean Energy (HOE), together with China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC), finished the structure load test of the Drakoo-B0015 WEC successfully. The purpose of the load test is to measure and predict the stains and forces of the Drakoo to experience in the actual sea environment, so as to provide a design reference for an actual project implementation.
A Facelift of “Hann-Ocean 01” Twin Wave Flume
On June 1st, 2018, Hann-Ocean Energy completed the re-coating of the internal surface of the large-scale “Hann-Ocean 01” Twin Wave Flume, removing the old waterproof coating and switching to a waterproof coating with better quality and longer durability. The colour of the coating for the bottom of the wave flume changed from white to blue. Therefore, the water in the wave resembles blue sea water which makes the wave flume more gorgeous.
Drakoo Modular WEC Peak Power Breakthrough
On March 14 2018, Hann-Ocean’s ‘Drakoo’ WEC achieved a peak power of 11.2 kW during it’s latest water flume tests successfully which broke its own record of 9.3 kW of November 2017. Having implemented an additional MPPT charge controller, all three 5kWp-MPPTs work together in series to provide this electrical peak power at the same time.