Complex Lifting Operation Completed Successfully in HOENT
As part of the endorsement process with DNV-GL, Hann-Ocean will be measuring “pure” wave profiles generated in the “Hann-Ocean 01” wave tank, with the existing Drakoo-B0015 WEC removed from within. To that end, the team at Hann-Ocean Energy and Technology, Nantong (HOENT) prepared a detailed lifting plan and executed the complex operation well in advance of the original schedule.
The Drakoo-B0004 (4kWp) Wave Energy Converter
Hann-Ocean has identified the need for small-scale electricity generation in areas which favour a device of relatively small proportions. To address this need, the company has in recent times decided to upgrade and optimize its first generation WEC, the 4kWp Drakoo-B0004. Upon completion, its small size and modular design would alleviate the risks and costs associated with transportation, installation and demonstration of the device at site. The model's low price point could also make it attractive to parti
Highland, Island and Desert: Where to Next?
The week of 29 October - 04 November 2018 was a busy period for Hann-Ocean, beginning with the Ocean Energy Europe Conference and Exhibition (OEE) at Edinburgh between 29 and 31 October. The Managing Director, Henry Han met delegates from companies such as Black & Veatch, INNOSEA and ENEL who expressed considerable interest in Drakoo Wave Energy Converter (WEC). OEE certainly did not disappoint and Hann-Ocean looks forward to returning next year.
Hann-Ocean Field Survey
October 16~18, 2018, Hann-Ocean Engineering Team went to the Guishan Island and Outer Lingding Island in Zhuhai City for a three-day site wave measurement.
Hann-Ocean @ 4th AWTEC
The 4th Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (AWTEC 2018) was held in Taipei, Taiwan between September 9th and 13th this year. It is the largest marine energy conference in Asia, attracting university researchers, investors, representatives from governments around the world, expert bodies such as DNV GL and high-level players from the industry.
Day 2 of MRAS 2018
Clear Javan skies and the heady smell of freshly ground coffee welcomed guests to day 2 of MRAS 2018.