Hann-Ocean’s WEC pilot project – Drakoo-B0016 array launched into Tuas View Sea in Singapore
With the completion of the mooring structures at Tuas View Sea, the world’s first containerized modular Drakoo Type-B wave energy converter array (model Drakoo-B0016, 16kWp) was finally launched to the sea and is in operation.
Hann-Ocean Energy secured a total of S$6.75m investment from a professional private investor, Mr Robert A. Stone
Hann-Ocean Energy (HOE) signed an agreement with Mr Robert A. Stone, the Singapore-based professional private investor, who commits to invest up to S$5.5m over the next two years in HOE. This is in addition to his earlier investment of S$1.25m since November 2012.
Hann-Ocean Energy engaged IHPC Singapore for Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation code development
Hann-Ocean has been developing a novel wave energy conversion (WEC) technology Drakoo since 2008. After delivery of the first commercial project Drakoo-B00016 to Jurong Shipyard in Nov 2012, Hann-Ocean has a desire to further optimize the design of the Drakoo for energy conversion efficiency.
Drakoo featured in Boomtown Asia II, Channel NewsAsia
Drakoo has made its debut in the TV series Boomtown Asia II. As populations boom in Asia, it’s a race against the clock to change the way cities use energy, treat water, harness technology and utilize transportation. Boomtown Asia takes a look at up-and-coming cities across the continents that are leading the way in sustainable urban technology.
Drakoo-B wave energy converter launched in World Future Energy Submit 2013
Our showcase of the world’s first small wave energy converter received overwhelming response from the general public, research institutes, renewable energy device traders, energy authorities of various countries as well as the news media. Hann Ocean Energy was featured on the Indo-Asian News Channel as well as in a special TV broadcast on the WFES 2013 on 15th January 2013 by Emirates 24/7 of Dubai Media.
Hann-Ocean delivered the world’s first wave energy converter array for small waves in Singapore
With the support of Spring Singapore’s Technology Innovation Grant and in partnership with SembCorp Marine Technology, Hann-Ocean Energy (HOE) has developed a twin-chamber wave energy convertor (WEC) “Drakoo” (Dragon King of Ocean) that allows for low cost electricity generation from all waves scales (0.2m – 5.5m) and hence very suitable for both shallow water and deep seas deployment.