Welcome to Drakoo Wave Technology Showcase in World Future Energy Summit 2018
The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2018 is the world’s foremost global annual event dedicated to advancing the renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology innovation. This year, the 11th WFES is going to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from January 15 to 18, 2018. Hann-Ocean Energy will participate in the WFES Exhibition. Welcome you to visit us at Booth 5008 in the WFES exhibition hall.
The Drakoo WEC 10kWp Reached Its Electrical Peak Capacity
The Drakoo-B0010 (10kWp) wave energy converter full-system prototype generated continuous and steady electricity which successfully drives a total electrical load of 9.3 kW on November 17, 2017.
Shanghai based Singapore Consulate General Team Visit Hann-Ocean Facility
July 27 2017, Mr. Loh Tuck Wai (Director of Shanghai based Singapore Consulate General), together with Zhu Qing (Director of consular administration of Nantong and Director of the Hong Kong and Macao affairs office), Liu Zhisong (President of Zhong Xin Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group) and Wang Shaoyong (Director of Su Tong Science and Technology Industry Park) visited Hann-Ocean(Nantong) facility.
National Ocean Technology Center Visit Hann-Ocean for 'Drakoo'WEC
June 21 2017, Wang Haifeng, Director of the Ocean Energy Management Department from the National Ocean Technology Center, together with his experts team visited Hann-Ocean Energy (Nantong) R&D facility.
CNOOC Research Institute Visit Hann-Ocean
June 20 2017, Wang Chunsheng and Zhang Li, Chief Engineers of CNOOC Research Institute led the team of experts visited Hann-Ocean Energy (Nantong) R&D facility.
Successful Initial Electricity Generation of A New 10kWp Drakoo Wave Energy Converter Prototype of Hann-Ocean Energy
A newly developed full-scale 10kWp Drakoo-B0010 Wave Energy Converter was tested and generated electricity successfully for the first time in the newly built testing facility of Hann-Ocean Energy in Su-tong Science & Technology Park, Nantong, China.